About the Glossary

The WAVE partnership realised early in the project (January 2005) that a new online project-specific glossary was necessary. Not only were new terms being introduced as part of the EU"s Vocational Education Training (VET) policy, but terms and acronyms (such as EUROPASS) had their functions altered in such a radical way as to be virtually unrecognisable . The WAVE partnership, made up of educationists and aquaculture managers, felt that future users, who would also come from these two fairly distinct groups, needed to be able to understand what is on offer in the WAVE Master Competency List, quickly and in the required language. Two partners therefore compiled a glossary of the most common terms, using as far as possible official documents as sources of the definitions.

The glossary can be accessed here in all the WAVE Master List languages.

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First you select the language icon and then the first letter of the word you wish to find. This will take you to a page containing all the words beginning with that letter of the alphabet in the language you have chosen. To find out where it was sourced, click on the web link provided.